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Published September 25, 2018

Creativity doesn’t come easily to everybody. Maybe you have a concept or an idea in mind, but bringing it to actualization can be challenging. Or you want to tweak or refresh the look of your website, but are not sure how to go about it. In such cases, hiring a full-time designer to assist you may not always be possible. Perhaps you don’t have the budget, or you need someone for a short period. What do you do in such a scenario?

The answer simple – hire a graphic design virtual assistant! VAs are not just for administrative work or odd jobs like sorting emails, booking flights, and scheduling meetings. Nowadays skilled individuals with experience in web and graphic design are offering their services in the virtual assistant industry. This works out perfectly for busy professionals, startups, and SMEs who are on the lookout for someone working on an hourly/monthly basis.

So what exactly can you outsource to a graphic design virtual assistant? To start with, you can consider the below tasks:

  • Design logos for your brand or product/services
  • Create flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials
  • Make packaging designs for retail products
  • Build top-notch websites
  • Design social media posts to boost your online presence
  • Create banners, posters, and advertisements

As you can see, a graphic design virtual assistant can be very versatile and perform an array of tasks to meet your business needs. While hunting for a professional, creative VA, shortlist someone who has the necessary training and experience to bring your ideas to life. By providing the right software and tools, as well as brainstorming to come up with innovative ideas, you can bring out the best in your remote assistant. Once you’ve found a great VA who delivers quality work, you can even use him/her for long-term campaigns or branding/marketing strategies.

Why spend on a full-time, in-house creative department, when you can have a web and graphic design virtual assistant do it all for you, for as low as USD 8.9 per hour? Hire a VA and experience the benefits for yourself!

Looking for remote employees that can take care of your design needs? Get in touch to hire a web and graphic design virtual assistant for all your projects.

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