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Published September 27, 2018

Are stunning graphics enough to make an impact on your website users? Not really. Without quality content, your site will be like a body without a soul. Written material can directly communicate your message to the desired audience, delivering essential information to readers. That’s why great copy goes hand in hand with great visuals.

However, if it is not accurate, concise and engaging, it will fail to keep your visitors hooked. Attention-grabbing (and relevant!) content is what you need to educate your target audience, improve brand image, and even drive conversions. That’s why you need a skilled, experienced writer who understands your brand and creates or curates content in a publishable format.

So, when you are starting up a new business or launching a new product, you’ll want to get a creative or technical writer on board, to help add content to your website/page/social platforms. Would you want to go out and hire a full-time employee for this activity? If you don’t have a long-term need for this resource, and if you need a lot of content created in a short span of time, recruiting an in-house employee doesn’t make sense. That’s when a content writing virtual assistant comes into the picture.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring a content writing virtual assistant:

  • Creates content quickly, so you can get your site up and running in a jiffy
  • Doesn’t need specialized training or on-boarding
  • Works on an hourly/monthly basis, so you only pay for what you need
  • Uses own equipment, laptop, and resources to develop content for your company
  • Costs you less as compared to an in-house content creator

Whether you need SEO oriented blog posts, product descriptions, or category page content, a skilled VA can do it all. You can also hire a remote copywriter to produce catchy taglines and captions for banner ads, social media posts, emailers, etc.

Your business can benefit from VA services. Get in touch for hiring a content writing virtual assistant that can create all sorts of written material for websites, blogs, advertisements, and marketing needs.

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