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Published September 19, 2018

Recruitment can be quite challenging for any business; and recruiting virtual assistants can be even more daunting, especially for first timers. If you’ve never worked with a remote employee before, don’t fret. We’re here to help you make the right decision and hire a virtual assistant (VA) that’s reliable, competent and professional. Read on!

Ask for samples

The first question that you need to ask your VA candidate is to share samples of previous work to understand the level of proficiency.

Send out a test

Create a short yet tough test to figure out if the applicant is actually competent enough to perform the tasks you would assign in the near future.

Hide a litmus test

In the test you send out to potential VAs, hide small errors in the questions. If they spot the errors and point them out to you, then you know that they’ve got an eye for detail.

Interview the candidate

When you hire a virtual assistant, you needn’t skip the interview just because the person works from a remote location. You can conduct an interview over the phone or via a video conferencing tool like Skype to gauge their skills and expertise thoroughly.

Start with a trial

Get started with a trial plan for a month before you hire a virtual assistant for the long run. This will help you get familiar with how VAs work and figure out how to coordinate with them to get tasks completed smoothly.

Be clear and direct

Since VAs aren’t there in person, you need to make all instructions, guidelines and project briefs clear on email and phone/Skype to ensure that they don’t miss even a tiny detail.

Set a buffer

This is something you should follow with all employees, but more so with you hire a virtual assistant for the first time. Always plan to get the work completed a few days before the client deadline, so that you can review it and request for changes, if any.

As you begin to work with VAs on a regular basis, you will find that the process of hiring, delegating tasks, and coordinating with them becomes easier and hassle-free. So go ahead; take the leap and hire a virtual assistant for the first time!

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