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Published September 14, 2018

Option for virtual assistant services may seem daunting to many; after all many of us haven’t done something like this before. How do we know whether they will complete our tasks accurately and on time? Will they share progress reports? What happens if we are not happy with the quality of work? If these concerns are preventing you from hiring virtual assistants, then you must know how to pick the right person/team who provides timely, hassle-free services. Here are some of the virtual assistant qualities you must look for:

  1. Competency

Check for previous work samples, list of clients, and track record before zeroing in on a VA or a VA agency. Hiring someone with no proof of accomplished work is a risky decision; its safest to opt for someone who has been actively working for 4-5 years at least.

Try to find VAs that have extensive experience in serving industries similar to yours. This way you know that your project/task brief or guidelines will be easier to convey. Check their website for client testimonials that mention any recent work.

  1. Reliability

This is another one of the important virtual assistant qualities. Due to the lack of physical presence, trust issues may crop up between the employer and the VA. So how do you know if you can rely on an individual you’ve never met before?

You can visit listing websites that review VAs and share ratings to help businesses like you. Also, be sure to check online forums, social media groups, and other community spaces. Look for VAs who share daily/weekly progress reports via phone or email to keep you updated on a consistent basis.

  1. Communication skills

Communication is critical in any employer-employee relationship, even more so with VAs. Lack of regular conversation can cause misunderstandings and affect the output you get at the end of the day.

Before you hire a VA, make sure you speak on the phone or conduct a face-to-face meeting via Skype or other video conferencing solution to gauge his/her communication skills. Make it clear where you want to be contacted (phone/email) and how often (daily/weekly/fortnightly).

Well-established VAs possessing the required work capability, relevant experience, communication skills, and professionalism are the safest bet for your business. When you find remote employees possessing these virtual assistant qualities, you know your tasks are in safe hands!

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