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Top Virtual Assistant Services - 15 Things a VA Can Do for You! | Exicon Assistant Skip to content
Published September 18, 2018

Virtual assistants (VAs) are a boon to entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. They can be like the backbone of your organization; silently offering support whenever you fall short of full-time employees or feel overburdened with endless tasks. If you haven’t hired a VA yet, then it’s about time you do it! Here are the top virtual assistant services that you and your business can benefit from.

  1. Data Processing: VAs can enter business card information of clients or potential customers into a database, create follow up letters or emails, and send them out.
  2. Accounting: VAs can pay your bills and keep track of company accounts, making sure all dues are settled in time, bank statements reconciled, and invoices prepared, using accounting software.
  3. Event Planning: VAs can conduct research, get quotes, and compare venues for your next event, based on your budget, size requirements, location, and other specifics.
  4. Webinars: VAs can set up webinars or teleseminars, coordinating with speakers and taking care of all the technical aspects. They can also help share or distribute the recorded webinar.
  5. Presentations: VAs can prepare professional PowerPoint presentations using information that you provide. You can use them for marketing or seminars.
  6. Newsletters: VAs can design and publish newsletters to your desired mailing list on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, using any electronic newsletter program.
  7. Social Media: VAs can create your individual profile or company page on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. They can regularly post on your timeline or page, and join you to relevant groups for better networking.
  8. PR: VAs can help boost your business image in the press, by creating and submitting press releases to local or national as well as international media.
  9. Customer Satisfaction: VAs can design and send out questionnaires to customers, summarize their responses, and produce reports on the same for your review.
  10. Recruitment: VAs can place ads in job portals, review profiles, shortlist candidates, conduct a first round of interviews on the phone, and schedule the next round with you.
  11. Research: VAs can conduct research on your target market and prepare a list of potential clients to contact. They can also keep track on what your competitors are doing for business insights.
  12. Web Development: VAs can develop, build and maintain a professional website for your business without burning a hole in your pocket. They can also update and edit information on the site whenever necessary.
  13. SEO: VAs can optimize your site for SEO by performing keyword research, submitting URLs to directories, and optimizing your web content to increase traffic.
  14. Content: VAs can create page content, blog posts, and other copy to add to your website for improving search engine rankings and educating customers about your products/services.
  15. Design: VAs can design online brochures, e-flyers, and other materials that you need for marketing your goods to customers.

Are you looking for agencies that deliver top-notch virtual assistant services? Get in touch to hire virtual assistants for web and graphic design, filmmaking, digital marketing, market research, and content writing.

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